In 1926, the Sicilian community in Hammond was saddened when an immigrant child died from diptheria.  At the time, there were no provisions for her burial in the city cemetery and this created a problem for the Sicilian community.

A meeting of families was held and after much discussion, they agreed to create the Italian Cemetery Association, purchase land, and establish a cemetery to serve the needs of the immigrants and local community.

Our cemetery now operates as Rose Memorial Park Cemetery in remembrance of “Rose” the immigrant whose death prompted the formation of our cemetery.




Mr. Salvador Faldetta, President
Mr. Michael Varisco, Vice President
Mrs. Nadine Legarde, Secretary

Mr. Robert Alfonso                        Mrs. Diane Camelo                 Mr. Nicholas Camelo
Mr. Paul Collura                             Mr. Joseph Fiduccia               Mr. Buddy Giannobile
Mr. Philip Giannobile                   Mr. Vincent Giannobile, Jr.   Mr. Brandon Recotta
Mr. Ronnie Schillace, Emeritus  Mr. Maurice Trippi                  Mr. Martin Varisco Jr.
Mr. Richard Burton         Mrs. Ann Recotta


We are eternally grateful for the following men who have served our association:

Mr. Vito Graziano 1927 – 1935

Mr. Vito Giannobile 1946 – 1951

Mr. Joseph Varisco 1956 – 1985

Mr. Anthony Mele 1985 – 1988

Mr. Salvador Faldetta 1988 – 2010, Emeritus, 2015 – Current

Mr. Guy Recotta 2010 – 2015