Please call our office for pricing and availability.

Our inventory features lots, columbariums, and mausoleaum space.


Each lot measures 10′ X 5′ (length X width). Lots offer 2 options: above or below ground burial. Any / all construction must comply with our building code; you are not allowed to block or restrict drainage nor are you allowed to impede or restrict the usage of any/all adjacent lots. There are additional internment fees associated with the purchase.


Space is available in 2 units. Each unit is 14″ X 14″ (base X height). There are additional internment fees associated with the purchase. Please contact our office for more details.

Mausoleum Space

We are currently selling space in Phase V. There are five rows in this section and they are labelled A through E with row A being ground level and row E at the top. Prices vary by row and by the number of caskets that each slot allows.


We have a limited number of spaces available in our other mausoleums – call for availability and pricing.

By Louisiana law, no wooden caskets are allowed in the mausoleum.

Please call our office to get pricing and fees associated with the opening, closing, re-opening, re-closing, and final sealing of a slot in the mausoleum.

When calling, please inform our sales representative if you are making arrangements for an infant or young person.

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