Do we sell lots?  Yes we do.  Please note that there are restrictions as to what can be put on your plot.  A plan will have to be submitted and approved before construction can begin.  Any / all construction will not be allowed to restrict drainage.

Do we allow wood coffins in our mausoleums?  No, we do not.

What are our visiting hours?  Visiting hours are daylight to dark 365 days a year.  We ask that you respect others while you are at our cemetery.

Is financing available?  No, we do not offer financing.  Please check with your local financial institution.

Do we have any special services?  There is a special prayer service each year for All Saints Day (November 1st).  As this day draws near, more information will be posted on the website.

What is the best method to contact us? Please call (985) 345-5576 or (985) 507-7193.